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Our Training

Professional Diploma Course

This is a Professional 6 day training course which  is done via live online webinars (theory) plus online or face-to-face practice. 

Day 1 –  Theory

Day 2 – Theory & Practice

Day 3 – Advanced Theory

Day 4 – Paediatrics plus Bonus Lectures

Day 5 – Practice

Day 6 – Exam


Foundation Certificate Course

This is a two-day Foundation Certificate programme intended to equip students with the basic knowledge on how to use Leech Therapy at home. This is a first 2 days of the full 6-day Professional Diploma course. Study with us and never pay therapist fees again.

Day 1 – Theory

Day 2 – Theory & Practice

Basic certificate issued, no insurance or right to work available unlike in Professional Diploma.

Face-To-Face in London

What Will You Learn ?

Healing ingredients of leech saliva. What makes it work so well?
Indications & Contra-Indications for LT
Safe protocols for treatment of the most common diseases
Minimising the side effects, dealing with allergic reactions
Practical application skills & aftercare
How many leeches to put, how often and where?
Professional paperwork, insurance and starting work

Course Fees


(for personal /home use only)



A professional 6-day course


On-demand practical session


LT for post-Covid problems



Natural blood-thinner


Dissolving Blood-clots




What our students say ...

Dr Oksana Chichur, Medical Doctor
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"I am Laboratory Doctor and also have a degree in Pharmacology. I knew about Leech-therapy for a long time since medical school. I really enjoyed the programme; the course is very interesting and full of useful information. I recommend it to people with medical as well as non-medical background. You will not be disappointed and will learn a lot not just about Leech therapy but many other interesting things."
Dr Daniel Silverstein, Medical Doctor
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I am a GP from New Jersey, USA and currently doing Yuliya Kostenko's medical leech therapy course. She is an excellent teacher in both hirudotherapy and general holistic practice including herbal and fungotherapy. The course has changed my entire view of medicine and has been an eye opener for me. I highly recommend it for anyone taking care of patients who wants to go deeper in their assessment and treatment.”
Nesrin Serdaroglu, Therapist
New Zealand
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“I honestly cannot rate this course high enough! The classes have literally been amazing. With the knowledge and personal attributes Yuliya beholds, you will not find better a better teacher. All my questions answered with so much time, effort and care. She is professional, thorough and determined to help you become a good practitioner. Very pleased with the course, got much more than expected. Thank you so much Yuliya!!”
Javad Darehshiri, Naturopath
Montreal, Canada
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“I am a Naturopath living and working in Montreal, Canada. I took Leech therapy course which I greatly enjoyed. Yuliya has put together a wonderful and very well-structured programme. She is incredibly inspiring teacher and I learned a lot. I can highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve personal health or take their career in complementary medicine to a new level.”
Jessica Cavallina, Holistic therapist
Ibiza, Spain
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Just finished my Leech Training Course and I couldn’t have asked for better!!! The program is absolutely clear, full of notions (as it should be) and Yuliya adds a lot of details that make it more and more interesting. Her competences and passion create a great mix for who really wants to jump into a professional leech course.

Highly recommended!!!!”
Diana Masjukevica - Leech Harmony
Exeter, UK
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The course was by far one of the best trainings I have invested in for my business. As a new therapist, I knew I had to study with someone who was at the top of the industry. The amount of experience Yuliya has is clearly reflected in her knowledge and skills. Her style of teaching is so much needed in the leech’ therapy world, because she wants to see therapists succeed. I highly recommend taking her course!
Kristina Safarova, Yoga teacher
London, UK
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This course is a hidden germ. The Professional Diploma covers a range of topics and I learned a lot. After completion I was able to perform my own treatments without having to pay again £250 for a single session in West London! Much pleased with the quality and clarity of the training materials. An amazing therapy that can help with more health issues that I could have imagined! Huge thank you for the course!!
John Alicja Golicz, Nurse
Manchester UK
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Professional Diploma course is definitely highly recommended. Yuliya is very experienced and knowledgeable tutor. I do feel all aspects of Leech Therapy training were well covered. She is also friendly and approachable all the way during your new Leech adventure. Thank you for this unique and inspiring training. I now successfully practice Leech Therapy in Manchester.
Ilona Sirveliene
London, UK
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Initially I was Yuliya’s private patient. While official medicine failed me, Yuliya’s treatments and wise advice got me out of dangerous health situation so I decided to train with her. The Leech therapy course has been super interesting and was probably the most useful programme I have ever attended. Never imagined that leech therapy could help with so many issues. Thank you for a great information. It was worth every minute spent.
Marina Kovalska, Nutritionist
Preston, UK
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I am delighted to have completed the Leech therapy course. Yuliya was very focused and dedicated to ensure that I received the best possible learning experience. I had support even after completing the course which was very reassuring.  Today I work as a Leech Therapist in Preston. I highly recommend attending the course to gain fundamental knowledge in Leech Therapy.  Anyone attending this course will greatly benefit from it.
Estera Franczewska
London, UK
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Brilliant course! so happy I found it. Yuliya has lead the training professionally and made sure that students understood what was being covered. Very nice atmosphere as well as in-depth tuition. She genuinely cares a great deal for her patients and is very passionate about the subject. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a leech therapy teacher 💯 Don’t hesitate to take this programme, such knowledge is guaranteed to pay off over and over !
Amanda, Natural Therapies specialist
London, UK
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Yuliya is an amazing teacher with incredible knowledge! Patient and supportive during and after the course. To enhance Leech therapy treatments, she added information on Herbal medicine and medicinal mushrooms. One of the key discoveries was to learn that LT is a safe and effective tool protecting us against post-Covid blood clotting! I felt that I had the knowledge and skills to practice competently and with confidence. Many Thanks!! 🙏🏻


We accept UK and non-UK residents.
Anyone from the age of 18 can undertake the training.
No prior knowledge or medical background is necessary.

Once you receive your professional Diploma you can get insurance and start working in the UK.

Yes, we offer free ongoing support. Simply call or email us your questions and we will be happy to advise and guide you. We also run a number of CPD webinars to deepen the knowledge of our students in MLT therapy.

No priory knowledge is necessary. We accept people with and without medical background.

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For enquiries regarding booking a training, treatments in London, buying leeches   or medicinal mushroom extracts please contact us via form below or directly via WhatsApp.

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