Professional Diploma Course


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This is a 6-day Professional Diploma training course which includes the Foundation Certificate. The training is done via live online webinars and the practical part can be done also online or live face-to-face practice in London.

This course provides intense training covering multiple aspects of Leech therapy. You will discover how to use leeches for personal and professional needs. From the history of leeches and their worldwide use over thousands of years, to how leeches are used by NHS and private practitioners in the UK and throughout Europe today. You will learn the vital medicinal components of leech saliva, how they effect human body and for which conditions LT is particularly effective. After covering indications and contra-indications there will be a practical application training with protocols for various health disorders. The training will cover how many leeches to use, where and how often to put them to achieve the best results. We will learn hygiene standards and safe protocols of leech disposal. Furthermore, the programme will cover working with babies and children, and discuss how certain medicinal mushrooms and herbs can enhance our treatments. Finally, after exam you will be provided with accredited Professional Diploma, insurance and all the necessary paperwork to start successfully working as a leech therapist in the UK.

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