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(all students)

Introduction to Medicinal Leech Therapy

History from Ancient times to Modern day
Use of Leeches ini NHS, England
Brief Leech Anatomy and interesting facts
Biochemistry and benefits of leech saliva
Overall effects of Leech Therapy
Cardio-vascular issues – how MLT can help
Inflammation – how MLT can help
Indications for Leech Therapy
Contra-indications for Leech Therapy
How to look after leeches at home



(all students)

Practical aspects of Leech Therapy treatment

Preparation of the working place for leech therapy
List of materials needed and where to buy them
Preparing the patient before the procedure
Examples of leech application and removing methods
The main points and general treatment protocols of MLT
Safety standards. Bleeding times. Body adaptation process.
How often to have treatments and how many leeches to put in one session. Safe disposal of leeches according to strict infection control protocols
Possible side effects and how to minimise them.
Allergic reactions and medication.
After procedure wound care.



(for Professional Diploma students only)

Advanced Treatment protocols

1) Protocols for the following conditions:

Allergy, Asthma, Atherosclerosis, Arthritis, Anxiety
Cardiovascular disorders
Dermatological conditions
Dental Treatment
Diabetes mellitus
Endometriosis, Endometritis, Eye diseases
Fibrocystic breast disease
Gynaecological issues
Gout Prostatitis
Haemorrhoids, Headache
Hair loss
High Blood Pressure, Hernia, Heart attack
Ischemic heart disease
Migraine, Menopause
Neurological disorders
Nose bleeds
Osteochondrosis, Ovarian cysts, Overweight
Psoriasis, Prostate adenoma, Postpartum recovery, Polycystic ovaries
Skin problems, Stroke (recovery), Stress, Sore throat
Thrombosis, Thrombophlebitis, Thyroid nodules
Uterine fibroids
Varicose veins and more

2) Documents for working in the UK
Discussion on how to organise your new practice and register with professional bodies in the UK and get insurance.
Where to buy leeches – bio-farms contact details.



(for Professional Diploma students only)

Advanced Treatment protocols

Paediatrics (treating babies and children)
Case Studies
Beauty protocols
Dealing with Candida / Thrush
Many useful practical tips

Bonus Lecture 1: Herbal medicine

Bonus Lecture 2: Green cocktails
Bonus Lecture 3: Medicinal Mushrooms


Herbal Medicine
Professional reliable Herbal Medicine protocol will be given to promote the cleansing of the lymphatic system, increase effectiveness of MLT and minimise the side effects.

Green Cocktail
Easy recipe approved by scientists, quick to cleanse the body and gut, helps to improve blood, build up haemoglobin levels and support immune system. Great for weight loss or for those wanting to boost energy levels.

Medicinal Mushrooms
Lecture on Medicinal Mushrooms and their exceptional effects on immune system and anti-cancer properties. How they differ and what conditions they good for according to scientific studies. We will discuss 10 most researched medicinal mushrooms. This is the key information I learned from the Fungotherapy course worth hundreds of pounds.



(for Professional Diploma students only)


You will particilpate in the full time MLT treatment demonstration and practice. If you watching online you will see everything as clearly as if you were in the treatment room.

Q&A – discussion of any questions you might have




The test is usually taken few weeks after the main part of the course, however the exact date may be arranged as per student convenience.

Theory – 1 hour online video discussion to see that student understands all relevant practical and safety requirements with regards to carrying out the MLT Treatment.

Practical – student to demonstrate via Zoom or live practical leech application session on himself or another person following professional and safety standards

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