Foundation Certificate Course

This is a two-day Foundation Certificate programme intended to equip students with knowledge on how to use Leech Therapy at home. The programme is detailed below, it’s the initial 2 days of the full 6-day Professional Diploma course. It will provide you with everything you need to know to practice Leech therapy safely at home in order to cover your personal and family needs. On completion you will receive a Foundation Certificate in Leech Therapy.

Introduction and Theory 1

During Lesson 1 you will learn the following:

History from Ancient times to Modern day

Use of Leeches in NHS, England
Brief Leech Anatomy and interesting facts
Biochemistry and benefits of leech saliva
Overall effects of Leech Therapy
Cardio-vascular issues – how MLT can help
Inflammation – how MLT can help
Indications for Leech Therapy
Contra-indications for Leech Therapy
How to look after leeches at home

Theory 2 and Practice of Leech Therapy

Lesson 2 includes the following topics:

Preparation of the working place for leech therapy
List of materials needed and where to buy them
Preparing the patient before the procedure
Examples of leech application
The main points and general treatment protocols 
Safety standards. Bleeding times. Body adaptation process.
How often to have treatments and how many leeches to put.      

Safe disposal of leeches following infection control standards
Possible side effects and how to minimise them
Aftercare. Demonstration of the Leech therapy treatment

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