Leech therapy provides the body detox by cleaning blood, lymph and removing toxins.

LT cleans blood by dissolving blood clots, thrombus, bad cholesterol deposits and unhealthy plaques of various origin (incl atherosclerotic plaques) on blood vessel walls and in the blood stream itself. It also cleans blood by mechanically removing some of the congested blood. After the procedure, the body makes new pure blood which is added to bloodstream improving its overall quality.

LT cleans lymph. The lymphatic system is our drainage responsible for detox and removal of numerous harmful and toxic substances from our body. After the procedure the is post-application bleeding. While it all looks red like blood, more than half of it is in fact lymph. Therefore, LT procedure gives body a chance to get rid of older lymph, often full with waste materials, and allow body to make new clean lymph.

LT removes toxins. These come out with impure blood and lymph, many toxins being dissolved by leech saliva. Furthermore, as leech saliva stimulates the growth of new capillaries after some time blood is able to reach places / toxin deposits which were not accessible before and remove waste from cells in those areas.

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