Thrombophlebitis, Thrombosis

The state of the blood is the state of the cardiovascular system. There are many blood clots, protein clots, toxins, live and dead microbes, viruses and parasites circulating in the blood. Not everything can be removed if our body has not got enough resources. For example if there is:

  • Insufficient water intake – then there is nothing to wash off toxins with and dilute the blood.
  • Not consuming enough vegetables, fruits and fermented foods (they contain much needed vitamins and enzymes)
  • Diet mainly consists of cooked and processed meals– there is no fiber for normal intestinal biocenosis and the production of lacto- and bifido bacteria.

Therefore, all the dirt which could not be removed sticks to blood vessel walls eventually forming cholesterol plaques and blood clots. As the result, blood becomes acidic and cholesterol rises. The situation becomes dangerous because the lumen in vessels narrow all the time and because of this, in order to supply the required volume of blood to all organs and tissues, the body has to increase the blood pressure.

The walls of vessels that cannot withstand such pressure begin to damage and burst. The main transport function of blood is hindered, leading to disruption of redox processes in all organs and tissues – in the brain, liver, kidneys, etc.

Thrombosis is a formation within the blood vessels solid blood clots (thrombi). Thrombosis leads to obstruction of the blood flow and even complete blockage of the vessels, including possibility of causing stroke or heart attack.

Thrombophlebitis is an inflammation of the walls of the veins with the formation of a blood clot in them. The reasons are the same: slowing of blood flow through the veins (venous stasis, increased blood clotting (hypercoagulation), violation of the integrity of the walls of the veins, poor functioning of the valves in the veins). Thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities is most often a complication of varicose veins in people who do not receive treatment on time.

How Leech Therapy can help

  • Dissolves blood clots and thrombus
  • Blood-thinning effect, natural powerful anti-coagulant
  •  Reduces blood viscosity
  •  Improves blood circulation
  • Reducing pain and pressure in legs
  • Cleans atherosclerotic and cholesterol plaques
  • Cleans and restores blood vessel walls
  • Smoothers inner surface of blood vessels
  • Prevents arteries from hardening
  • Improves micro-circulation and stimulates growth of new capillaries
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammation


Hirudin discovered in 1902 is the most studied component of leech saliva. It is a powerful natural anticoagulant / blood-thinner which prevents unhealthy blood clotting, reduces blood viscosity and improves blood circulation throughout the body. 

Destabilase in leech saliva cleans blood by dissolving blood clots and thrombus and preventing the formation of new ones. It lengthens the blood clotting time and has strong anti-aggregating properties causing decomposition of clotted blood.

Apyrase – dissolves cholesterol plaques on blood vessel walls and protects arteries from hardening. It determines the anti-sclerotic effect of leech saliva. Apyrase increases the activity of the lipoprotein lipase enzyme that decreases the total cholesterol and low-density betalipoproteins levels which lead to formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels.

Hualuronidase – smoothes the inner walls of blood vessels which helps the blood flow. It also improves the microcirculation by promoting the formation of new capillaries.

Leech saliva also has anti-bacterial, pain-killing and most importantly anti-inflammatory properties (englins, bradykinins and bdelins).

Combined all benefits of leech therapy enable us to get very good results with the treatment of thrombosis and thrombophlebitis. We often see positive results within first few sessions.

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