REISHI (Ganoderma Lucidum) mushroom extract

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All our ORGANIC mushroom extracts come directly from the Zhejiang Fangge Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd which is a part of HuQingYuTang group, a giant Chinese Medicine company in China. The production is fully located in QingYuan (called a “Mushroom town”), which is ecologically and environmentally No 1 cleanest county of China. Founded 140 years ago, HuQingYuTang are now the world’s leaders in producing highest quality medicinal mushroom extracts that have been exported worldwide for over 30 years. Our Reishi mushroom is grown on hard wood, covered with organic soil, and has obtained organic certification from the European Union, the US, Canada and China.

We are providing the most reliable, trusted and finest quality medicinal mushroom extracts available on the market to help you achieve the best health results. Please read the full description of the mushroom below.

Packs are 100g,  £75 for 100g bag, which should last about 1.5 month.



Dosage and Preparation

Mushrooms are best taken in pairs, one mushroom in the morning and one in the evening, 2 grams each time, so total apprx 4 grams of mushrooms a day.  The drink is prepared like a normal tea, 2 tea spoons of mushroom powder in a cup with hot water and you can drink it 10 min afterwards.



Reishi is one of the most famous medicinal mushrooms used in oriental medicine and its normally used for the following:

1.   MALIGNANT AND BENIGN TUMOURS - Treatment and prevention 
Reishi beta-glucans accelerate the maturation and increase the life span of Macrophages, T-lymphocyte killers and natural killer cells several times, and conduct their activation, which contributes to the emergence of a large number of mature combat-ready forms, capable of destroying malignant cells. Also, Reishi polysaccharides cause a 10-30 fold increase in Tumor Necrosis Factor -a (TNF-a) and interleukins 1 and 6 - substances involved in the destruction of tumors. In addition, it has been established that Reishi triterpenoids have a direct inhibitory effect on tumors. Finally, there is a better tolerance of chemotherapy and radiation.

- Reducing cholesterol levels and reducing damage to the walls of blood vessels. This reduces the risk development of atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and cerebral stroke.
- Reduced blood pressure. Substances (triterpenes) of Reishi block the action an enzyme (angiotensin-converting enzyme) that constricts blood vessels.
- Reducing oxygen starvation of the myocardium. Contained in Reishi is organic germanium behaves like hemoglobin and “carries” six oxygen molecules into heart tissue.
- Reduction of heart failure: Reishi contains adenosine protein, which reduces the formation of blood clots and improves blood supply to the myocardium, which reduces the risk of heart attack, reduces the load on the heart, dilates the arteries of the heart and reduces the heart's insufficiency for oxygen, thereby reducing the manifestation of heart failure.

Reishi contains ganoderic acids C2 and D and oleic acid, which block the release of histamine, a substance in mast cells that triggers an allergy reaction. Therefore, Reishi extract is used for various types of allergies, such as urticaria, bronchial asthma and others.

4.  AUTOIMMUNE Diseases
Reishi substances do not have a stimulating, but a modulating effect on the immune system, increasing its suppressed functions and restraining overly activated mechanisms. Indications: systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma and others.

Mushroom extract enhances and prolongs the action of insulin and increases tissue sensitivity to insulin. The long-term use of Reishi results in a decrease in sugar levels, stabilization of diabetes and a reduction of dose of hypoglycemic drugs.

Reishi affects the activity of the central nervous system by affecting regulatory molecules (endorphins) and their receptors. Reishi calms down "overexcited" nervous system, but does not cause drowsiness as components of Reishi do not oppress or excite, but regulate. The result of such harmonizing action is an improvement in both sleep and awaken activities.

Reishi extract reduces swelling and pain associated with inflammation.

8.  LUNG diseases
Reishi extract is used for bronchitis and pneumonia, improving the results of standard therapy.

9.  LIVER - Viral hepatitis and cirrhosis
Reishi substances are hepatoprotectors, increase the resistance of liver cells to various influences. Viral activity decreases, interferon production increases, the activity of transaminases and alkaline phosphatase decreases, and the level of bilirubin and serum albumin levels increase. The processes of replacement of normal liver tissue with connective tissue are inhibited (fibrosis), the development of liver cirrhosis is inhibited.

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