Lymphatic system - Lymph nodes, Lymphostasis, Lymphadenitis

The lymphatic system is our guard and а “sewerage” that removes dead, pathological cells and foreign organisms. Lymph cleanses the intercellular space from toxins and waste products, fungi, parasites, viruses, dead particles, thereby monitoring the internal cleanliness of the body. It washes every cell and space around it, then it carries the waste away through the lymphatic vessels to the nearest lymph nodes. Lymph nodes act as a filter. It is after passing through the lymph nodes that the lymph is clean  again and is ready to do further detoxing of the body.

Hirudotherapy cleans the lymph – post-application bleeding after the session mainly consists of lymph, which will be cleansed and replaced. Leech saliva has bactericidal, antiviral and antifungal properties. However, even 50 tiny leeches may not reach all 600 lymph nodes and a huge network of lymphatic vessels – after all, leech “needs” to deal with the circulatory system – dissolve blood clots, cholesterol plaques, remove inflammation, increase speed and purity of blood.

The concentration of leech saliva may simply not be enough for everything, especially when it comes to a large human constitution and chronic lymph diagnoses. Therefore, it’s a good idea to add herbs which are effective at purifying the lymph. Clean and easily flowing blood and lymph will provide a proper nutrition and purification for each cell. And this is what we need in order to resolve most diagnoses.

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