Inflammation (any)

Leeches can cope remarkably well with inflammation, which underlies any pathological process, be it a destruction of cartilage a joint, a wound, a fracture, a burn, an infection, etc. The body separates inflammation from healthy tissues by creating a barrier around it made of collagen fibers.

The downside of it is that the barrier obstructs the blood flow needed to bring oxygen and nutrients to inflamed cells and remove waste products. This slows down healing and the build up of waste materials lead to oedema and venous stasis which typically accompany inflammation.

How leech can help

  • Leech saliva breaks down the barrier around the inflamed area using collagenase enzyme which breaks down the collagen fibers the barrier is made of. This opens access for oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the inflamed site, which promotes healing.
  • Breaking this barrier also allows the waste products and toxins to come out with post application bleeding. This in turn reduces pressure that oedema or blood stasis was causing on surrounding tissues resulting in pain.
  • Hualoronidase enzyme in leech saliva further helps to relive oedema.
  • Destabilase, apyrase and hirudin clean blood and improve blood circulation
  • Anti-bacterial effect (hyaluronidase).
  • Painkilling effect (kininase)
  • Strong anti-inflammatory effect provided by eglins, bradykinins and bdelins)

Thanks to all the above properties of saliva we have consistently good results with treating various inflammatory disorders.

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