Haemorrhoids are knots of dilated veins under the skin around the anus. This is a vascular problem of the vessels of the whole body, not only vessels of the anus alone. Therefore, it cannot be treated by surgical operation if a person does not change his lifestyle which has caused it.

Haemorrhoids is associated with difficulty in venous outflow which can be triggered by a sedentary lifestyle, standing work, weight lifting, pregnancy, childbirth, age-related hormonal changes, constipation and other factors. But two factors are always present, it’s an incorrect diet and insufficient movement.

Inflamed haemorrhoids get additionally damaged during defecation so the hemorrhoidal bleeding may occur. The knot of dark veins may fall out of the anus and if the prolapsed nodes are infringed or damaged, blood clots may develop in them and the infection can penetrate into the body. If due to pain people restrain their stool this can lead to more serious complications such as acute thrombophlebitis, paraproctitis, etc.

Haemorrhoids can be internal, external and combined.

How Leech Therapy can help

Leech therapy provides fast means of thinning thick thrombosed blood and anesthetizing haemorrhoids. Leeches help eliminate the stagnation both in veins of the pelvis and in general blood flow.

Hirudotherapy for hemorrhoids has been studied by many doctors: Zakharyin, Blumenthal, Petrov, Zulfugarov, and others. It has been proven that leeches restore blood microcirculation in the rectal area, due to which the tone of the venous vessels returns to normal. The biophysical and chemical properties of blood change positively, the general blood test normalizes, the feverish state disappears, and the working capacity of a sick person is quickly restored.

Additional Advice:

Exercise for increasing the muscle tone in the intestinal area is mandatory, but without lifting weights.

Diet – add raw food to your diet

Herbal medicine can bring recovery closer and is recommended for haemorrhoids by many doctors. A litre of herbal tea is needed each day for medicinal purposes.

Be sure to include an anti-inflammatory, soothing herbs, especially rosehip. Also, very desirable to use blood-thinning herbs such as meadowsweet, chestnut, raspberry leaves, etc. Cool baths with an infusion of anti-inflammatory medicinal herbs (calendula, chamomile) are recommended. When bleeding, cold lotions and ice from the infusion of herbs, wrapped in a rag, may be useful.

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