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Leeches are great at preparing female body for a healthy conception and pregnancy. LT has the following positive effects:

  • Improves blood circulation and muscle tone in the pelvic area
  • Renews blood and lymph
  • Reduces inflammatory diseases
  • Dissolves adhesions in the tubes
  • Helps stabilize the levels of sex hormones
  • Promotes thickening of the endometrial layer in the uterus
  • Helps with polycystic ovaries, endometiosis and

Leech therapy is an effective method of preparing for IVF, helping to heal a woman’s whole body and prepare it for carrying a healthy pregnancy. Experts advise having leech therapy few months before the start of IVF in order to cure some diseases and prepare in advance. Thanks to leech therapy, the chances of IVF success may increase several times.

Female Infertility

The anti-inflammatory effect of leech saliva can help deal with any inflammatory disorders.Hyaluronidase softens and often resolves fallopian tube adhesions (unless they are too old) and restores tubal patency. Hirudin, the natural anti-coagulant, improves blood circulation and together with other leech saliva components cleans blood by dissolving clots, thrombus, reducing atherosclerotic plaques on blood vessels’ walls and lowering high cholesterol.

All of this can support a healthy conception and make sure the fetus will receive an adequate nourishment and oxygen supply necessary for a healthy development.

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Male Infertility

In most cases, infertility in men is caused by disorders of spermatogenesis (slow, misshaped or inactive sperm) or prostate disorders. The leech therapy can help with the following:

  • Actively stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic area, eliminating stasis (incl varicosele)
  • Eliminates inflammation in the prostate gland and treats prostatitis, which affects the potency and interfere with the conception.
  • The anti-inflammatory effect of leech saliva helps to treat the inflamed and enlarged prostate gland and gradually return back to normal.
  • Hyaluronidase helps restore the lumen in the passages of spermatozoa
  • Spermatozoa become healthier and more active
  • Increases erectile function
  • Increases overall immune system

After completion of the full course of treatment (apprx 10 session), there is an increase in erection and improvement in sperm quality.

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