Diabetes Type 2

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1. When a lot of sugar circulates in the blood, the blood becomes viscous and jelly-like. This is bad for all organs and systems and also the immune cells cannot move fast enough in such blood. Leech saliva makes blood thinner (it is a proven strong natural anticoagulant), thereby helping all organs and tissues to function normally. 

2. The high sugar levels accelerate the development of atherosclerosis, (narrowing and hardening of the arteries), which can significantly increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. These process progresses quickly in diabetic patients. Leech saliva reduces the level of cholesterol and other lipids in the blood, preventing the development of atherosclerosis. In addition, leech saliva enzymes strengthen the vascular wall, which is very important in diabetes. 

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3. The most common vascular complications in diabetes mellitus are lesions of small vessels (microangiopathy) and damage to the vessels of the retina – diabetic retinopathy. With leech therapy it is possible to achieve significant improvements: visual acuity improves, pain in the eyes and foggy vision reduces, the size of visible area increases, numbness and cold in the extremities reduces, and a general increase in immunity is typically observed.  

Leeches stimulate pancreas function and improve vascular tone, which has an immediately effect on the patient’s well-being. 

Leech saliva contains insulin-like substances – they have a hypoglycemic effect. According to Professor G.I. Nikonov, blood glucose in diabetic patients can significantly reduce following leech therapy treatments.  Significant results were obtained in the treatment of type II diabetes combined with obesity. In 10% of patients after a course of hirudotherapy, the intake of hypoglycemic sulfanilamide drugs was canceled, in 30% the dose was reduced 2-4 times. In 6 patients who had secondary resistance to hypoglycemic drugs, it was possible to eliminate it. And of the 11 obese patients, five achieved significant weight loss. All 15 patients with type II diabetes mellitus and obesity achieved good results.

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