Blood Circulation

The leech therapy is excellent at improving blood circulation. Leech saliva contains blood-thinning enzymes (hirudin, coalin, etc) which have a powerful anti-coagulating effect. Hirudin is the most studied component of leech saliva. It is a natural anticoagulant / blood-thinner which is 10 times stronger than heparin and prevents unhealthy blood clotting, reduces blood viscosity and improves blood circulation throughout the body. (this is especially useful for post-Covid conditions to help with any Covid related blood clotting). Destabilase in leech saliva cleans blood by dissolving blood clots and thrombus and prevents formation of new ones.

Apyrase – cleans blood vessels by dissolving cholesterol plaques on vessel walls and prevents  arteries from hardening. Hualuronidase smoothes the inner walls of blood vessels which helps the blood flow. It also improves microcirculation by promoting the formation of new capillaries (!!). Histamine-like substances in leech saliva have antispasmodic effect thanks to vasodilator agent that causes arteries to dilate which eases the blood flow. All of these unique medicinal leech saliva properties combined with the mechanical drainage of congested blood from the site help to dramatically improve blood circulation in the patient’s body within the short period of time.

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