Beauty, Face rejuvenation

Leech therapy has been used for centuries for skin rejuvenation. It helps to clean blood, improve blood circulation, improve microcirculation, activate lymphatic drainage processes in the face and body, and prevent oxidative stress.

As the result, the body begins to actively produce new blood cells, the cellular composition of the skin and subcutaneous tissues improves, skin cells receive better nourishment with oxygen and nutrients, all of which help skin to look younger and enhance its elasticity.

The leech injects with its saliva a huge amount of enzymes and biologically active substances, which normalizes metabolic processes and helps to rejuvenate the body from the inside. After using leeches, the skin becomes softer, smoother and looks younger.

Leech therapy successfully copes with such problems of cosmetology as acne and various spots on the skin. These are eliminated by the immunomodulatory and drainage effect of hirudotherapy. After a course of leeches defects are smoothed and resolved in patients. However, most often hirudotherapy is used to reduce wrinkles and stimulate skin renewal.

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