Atherosclerosis is a chronic disease characterized by impaired blood supply caused by narrowing of the blood vessels due to accumulation of lipid plaques on vessel walls and the growth of connective tissue. Atherosclerosis can lead to spasm of the heart vessels. This is a life-threatening disease characterized by impaired blood flow and increased blood viscosity.

A frequent complication of it is the development of coronary heart disease, manifested by angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, various conduction disorders and cardiac arrhythmias. Prolonged repeated myocardial ischemia, and especially repeated heart attacks, can lead to the replacement of the heart muscle tissue with connective tissue scars, which can cause heart failure.

How Leech Therapy can help

Hirudotherapy is indispensable for atherosclerosis. The hirudin in leech saliva is a highly specific inhibitor of thrombin, which helps to regulate blood viscosity. Destabilase enzyme ensures the dissolution of already formed clots and thrombus. What is important, the destruction of the thrombus is happening gently and gradually. Finally, the hyaluronidase softens the pathological hardening of the connective tissue.  


According to clinical studies of GOU VPO MMA I.M. Sechenov, Department of Normal Physiology, Moscow, the “Cholesterol-esterase and fat-breaking activity was found in the secretion of the leech salivary glands. The long-term intravenous administration of leech saliva to animals in a state of severe atherosclerosis led to a decrease in lipid deposits in the abdominal aorta from 48 to 9% and in the thoracic aorta from 21 to 2%.

There are lipolytic enzymes in the leech saliva which promote the breakdown of fats and lower cholesterol levels. Therefore, hirudotherapy is able to gradually dissolve old blood clots and plaques and restore healthy blood flow.

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