Leeches for allergy. Leech Therapy for allergies.

Recently, the number of patients with allergies has dramatically increased. The abundance of chemicals, irritants, preservatives, thickeners in our food and personal hygiene products is alarming, not to mention the quality of air and water, especially in big cities. Patients often ask if allergies can be treated with leeches? 

Allergic processes are always accompanied by a micro-circulation disorder at the level of the lymphatic and venous systems. The leeches restore microcirculation, improve lymphatic flow and blood flow. So the answer is yes, leeches can help. While allergy is the malfunction of many systems and organs, the hirudotherapy, on the contrary, is aimed at restoring the whole body. Therefore, there is always a positive prognosis regarding a gradual improvement of allergic conditions. Typically, the symptoms begin to improve after 2-3 months of treatment. Advice: it is recommended to have a 3 months antiparasitic cleanse since parasites can cause a variety of allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks.

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